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Southern Illinois Power Co-op- Stack Contract- <$1M

John A. Logan College- Health/Life/Safety- <$1M

Giant City State Park- Electrical Upgrade- <$1M

The Franklin Hospital- Electrical Renovation- <$1M

Illinois Dept. of Agriculture- DuQuoin State Fairground- <$1M

Gallatin County CUSD # 7- New K-12 School- >$1M

Southern Illinois University- Biological Sciences Building- >$1M

Harrisburg Medical Center- Emergency/Outpatient Center- <$1M

Southern Illinois University- Engineering Building- >$1M

Bombardier, Inc.- Boat Plant Renovation- <$1M

Fluor Daniel, Inc.- Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge, Superfund Remediation- <$1M                                                               

Harrisburg Kroger Store- Renovation- <$1M

Southern Illinois Power Co-op- Computer Network- <$1M

Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources- Tunnel Hill State Park- <$1M

DuQuoin CUSD # 300- New K-8 School- <$1M

S.M. Wilson & Co.- New Clay County Hospital- >$1M

Shawnee Community College- Addition & Renovation- >$1M

Mt. Vernon CUSD- New K-3 School- >$1M

Southern Illinois Power Co-op- Steam Plant Controls- <$1M

Southern Illinois Power Co-op- Power House & Switchyard- >$3M

Southern Illinois Power Co-op- CFB & Powerhouse- >$2M

Southern Illinois Power Co-op- Phase 3 Addition- >$10M

Southern Illinois University- Lighting Upgrades- <$1M

S.M. Wilson & Co.- Kohl's Department Store- <$1M   

Centralia High School District # 200- New High School- <$3M


  Centralia High School, Centralia, IL <3M

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